chicago style

  • Lazy morning here in the Chicago burbs. 
  • We head home tomorrow. I’m anxious to see my kid and my cat. 
  • Dinner tonight with D’s college bestie and his wife. 
  • We hated the comforter in our hotel room so we went out yesterday and bought one. We’ve been meaning to upgrade our one at home anyway so we were like fuck it. Omg it’s glorious. We keep saying shit like: this comforter tho. 
  • I love us. 
  • In a way, I’m kind of pleased that D is over Depeche Mode. That was his thing with his ex and the ghost of her lingers. It would be the same if I took him to a Wilco show. 
  • You can’t go home again. 
  • And I’ve got him on that DMB train now. Dave Matthews over Dave Gahan all day every day. 
  • Not even a little bit sorry. 
  • I’m pretty sure if D and I broke up at this point, I’d have to ditch DMB forever. It’s so saturated with our memories now. 
  • Sounds like we will do some more shopping and day drinking today.
  • Time to go get myself together. 
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