Monday night musings 

This was a delightful weekend. I feel much more relaxed and very ready to take on the week. I spent most of my weekend reading, exercising, playing games, and watching movies. It was totally lovely and much needed. 

Back to work tomorrow morning. I’m ready. I’m not feeling anxious about it at all.  I’m hoping to have a very productive day tomorrow.

Four days into #NoBoozeSeptember and it hasn’t been too bad so far. Just a couple of fleeting cravings. I had filet for dinner without an accompanying red wine and it was…fine. 

Reading and hiking are two of my favorite things and I’m happy to be getting back to them. 

We had a sweet fucking thunderstorm tonight. 

I know it’s not officially (or astronomically, as D said) autumn yet, but Labor Day marks the end of summer in my mind. Bring on fall! 

I’ve spent way less time on social media/online/my phone recently and it has been very refreshing. Fuck being in touch and in the know. I’m just going to do me and the fam for a while. 


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  1. Autumn starts in the UK on 22nd September. The weather has just started to turn over the last few days – I won’t be wearing shorts on the bike for much longer.

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