This morning I went to muni court in the town where I live so it’s a super short drive for me. It’s a very nice court, too, but the cops are total dicks. They designed the most confusing parking lot ever with lots of one ways that aren’t properly marked, and the cops sit and wait for you to fuck up so they can pull you over and write you a ticket. 

Total dick move.

I was pulled over, but then the cop started chatting me up and didn’t give me the ticket. I ended up parking in a different lot across the street because I’m sick of their bullshit. Also, I double checked and didn’t see a sign so fuuuuuuuuck you, dude. 

Now I’m home and feeling very under the weather. I’m trying to get some work done and of course my piece of shit computer needs to install updates. I left my MacBook at the office. Booooooooo. 

Grumpy Jenn is grumpy. 

But…this weather!!! Windows are open and it’s 66 degrees in the house. Yes. 

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