sweet, sweet saturday

I got to sleep in and it was glorious. Much needed.
Then reading. Followed by sexy time.
I fucking love Saturday mornings.

This afternoon we have to do a bunch of cleaning. The upstairs, where the kids reside, is a mess, and we have to teach them how to properly clean it. Too bad I don’t have my Norwex shit yet. Though I did get an email yesterday saying it had shipped. Woot!
Oh the lame ass shit I get excited about now as an adult.

Tonight, D and I are going to a friend’s birthday party. I’m considering taking the night off from my alcohol ban. But…idk. I’m already taking off next weekend when we go to Oktoberfest, so…

D just said, “You must be blogging. I can tell by how the typing sounds.”
He knows me.

And now I shall do some more reading.