• Today was my first ren faire. Jack’s, too. Jackson LOVED the joust. D loved the giant turkey leg (lol) and the beer. Freya and I left with flower crowns. (I wore mine to the grocery store after. You can imagine the looks I got. Haha.) Jackson left with a shield. D wanted a real sword, and I *almost* convinced him to leave with it, but it was too expensive considering our super expensive wedding we are still paying for.
  • When we got home he looked at me and said, “I should have bought that sword.” I almost kicked him.
  • There is always next year. I had my head turned by many expensive costumes. I will definitely buy one next year when I’m not paying for a fancy ass wedding.
  • We didn’t start out expecting the wedding to be so much, but we have expensive taste, so…
  • Speaking of the wedding, we are essentially one month out. Squeeeeeee! Our friends were like: you have to make a registry because we’re going to buy you shit and we want it to be shit you actually like. So we made one on Amazon tonight and it was actually really fun. It’s a work in progress, but it is mostly games, booze, records, and miscellaneous nerdy shit. Love.
  • Last night, D and I went to the city to hang with C & J (and another couple) to celebrate J’s bday. She’s 33. (She makes me feel old. She makes D feel even older.) We love them though. They’re about to have a baby…like she will pop anytime now. I’m so excited for them!!!! I can’t wait to babysit.
  • I’ve been in a ridiculous amount of pain this weekend. I’m worried the Otezla isn’t working/isn’t going to work. I don’t want to think about that right now though. I can’t deal.
  • I want to get back to running. D and I have a running date tomorrow. I hope my knee(s) cooperates.
  • I’m off tomorrow (yay!). I have brunch plans with Carrie. Can’t wait!
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