Too much 

I’m freaking out about wedding stuff. I can’t decide on a few things and I’m running out of time. I’ve spent the last hour on Etsy trying to figure out what headband I want to order. I still haven’t decided what shoes to buy. We still need to order our wedding bands, too. I’m starting to feel a bit panicky. 

I did finally research how to obtain our marriage license. We’ll need to do that in the next couple of weeks. I also read up on how to change my name after the wedding. I needed a refresher. 

I need to get with the bestie and figure out the layout for the ceremony.  The rehearsal is already set up, thankfully. 

Also, D told me he’s been working on his vows, and that they’re super awesome, so now I’m freaking out that mine will suck in comparison. 

I did manage to find a few things I want to buy for the honeymoon though. Ha. 

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