Friday 5

Let’s give this a go.

  1. This rando lawyer who hasn’t spoken to me in the 11 years we’ve been practicing in the same courts, finally spoke to me for the first time today. To tell me I look like a model and I’m hot and all this weird shit. Um…let’s go back to not talking, ok? 
  2. My friend witnessed this and immediately texted me: wtf is it about you that makes these creepers hit on you. I lol’d because it’s true. I’m too nice I guess. 
  3. In related news, court ended early for me because my friend was the trustee (see #2) so she took me first. Now I’m at home. 
  4. My first order of business was stripping out of my work clothes. Then I grabbed a Diet Pepsi and popped a piece of my special chocolate. I’m ready for the weekend, baby. 
  5. Now I will ignore the cases I need to check and the cleaning that needs to be done. Instead I will lounge about and read while I wait on this weed chocolate to do its thing, and while I wait on my gingy babe to get home. It’s gonna be a while. 

Happy, happy weekend! 💜 💛 💚 

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