The Red Waste 

The Red Waste is a desert in Essos in the Game of Thrones mythology that D used recently as a metaphor for an unfulfilling marriage. He said it, and I instantly understood what he was referring to, which is that period in a marriage (or any relationship really) where things are long, boring, and completely forgettable. We have both experienced this separately, and we are committed to fighting against it in our marriage.

We have been discussing it on and off all weekend. It has clearly already become an established part of the Dave and Jenn lexicon. Luckily, we have so many plans already, that I doubt we will venture into the Red Waste anytime soon. But I believe it’s really important to actively discuss these things, and I’m glad we are. The only way to keep a good thing going is to work at it.

This is my most important relationship. I’m sure some people would expect me to say being a mom is more important, but I disagree. Being a mom is very important, and I have a big job in making sure that Jackson grows up to be a well rounded, competent, kind, adult. However, my job is to groom him for that and then to let him go be his own person and navigate his own relationships. This marriage is my ride or die, and so I need to treat it as such.

And, yes, it goes without saying that we are tremendous nerds. Haha.


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