sunday night blues

D and I are both very meh about the upcoming week, and especially tomorrow, because Monday…ugh.

The weekend went by way too fast.

We’re finishing up Season 2 of our annual GoT Re-watch Marathon.

Next episode! Next episode!

I found Goddess LipSense and it should be here by the end of the week. Woot! This could be my wedding lip color.

Except I can’t decide on whether I want a bridal pink lip or a bold red lip. Given the Gatsby-esque vibe I’m going for, I should probably go with the red, which means Blu-Red LipSense.

Decisions, decisions.

Can you tell we’re obsessing over the wedding over here? Even the kids.

We did a lot of cooking this weekend. I forgot to take a pic of tonight’s dinner because it went so fast.

We’re going to go do garage stuff now so bye.

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