what day is it anyway?

  • I need to go on a fucking diet. Ugh.
  • The battery in our scale is dead and that may be a good thing for my sanity right now, honestly.
  • But seriously, this fat roll needs to gtfo. I’m so over this mom bod I’m rocking.
  • Getting old is a privilege, I know, but it’s also a fucking drag.
  • Freya does this thing where she turns on a show for us to watch and then talks throughout the entire episode, and often she tells me exactly what is about to happen.
  • For example, I know what happens in the entire Gilmore Girls series even though I’ve only ever seen season 1. Lol.
  • Tonight, Jackson asked his dad to make sure he takes him to his ninja training while D and I are on our honeymoon. So then the ex is like: do I know about that trip? I don’t think you ran that by me.  I took a deep breath and said: is it more likely that I didn’t ask you or that you forgot? He got the point. But seriously…grrr.
  • I will cut someone, istg.
  • I sent a nasty email to opposing counsel today and it felt so good. Fuck that dude.
  • I almost hope he doesn’t do what I want so that I can fuck him up in court.
  • Tomorrow is my make-up trial run for the wedding. I’m excited, but not about the part where I have to go out without make-up tomorrow morning. Scary.
  • I’m even more excited about my lunch date with Carrie. Yay!
  • I miss D.  Is it Friday yet?
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