Happy Friday! 

D is on his way home. He should be here in about an hour. 

The door repair is mostly done. Just  waiting on paint. 

Kitty is hiding under the covers. She’s frightened. 

I’ve spent the morning doing closet organizing. I’m thinking about trying to sell a bunch of dresses on Poshmark. Some still have tags even. 

Or maybe I should join one of those buy/sell/trade groups? 

The bestie is coming over tonight and the three of us will be planning the wedding ceremony. 

And then I’m going to have her help me into my dress again. Gotta make sure I can still fit. 😂

I need to talk to Dave and see if he’s available to go get our marriage license on Monday morning before work. I’ll feel better once that’s done.

Oh and wedding rings. That has to happen this weekend. No excuses! 

We’re two weeks out. OMFG. 

All the feels! 

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