I got drunk earlier and cried when our friends sent a recording of their version of Lovesong. 

Around the same time, we learned another friend has split up with his wife. I cried briefly about that, too.  He’s coming to the wedding alone. 

I remember going to two weddings in the first few weeks after leaving my ex. 

The first was my aunt’s wedding. It was lovely. I left that wedding and drove 40 min to sit outside the bar where D’s band was playing out for the first time ever. I didn’t go in. I sat in the car and cried. Then I drove home. 

My aunt got married at City Cottage, which is where we will be married as well. 💜

The second was my cousin’s wedding. At that point, D and I were dating, but I didn’t ask him to go with me. I remember sitting through the ceremony and thinking I’d never get married again. It’s funny to think back on that now. 

My thoughts are all scattered tonight but I wanted to write that down. Too much wine tonight. Back to good in the morning. 

Night night. 

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