how is it only wednesday?

We don’t have our kids tonight, which is unusual for a Wednesday. The plan is to just hang at home and make dinner together, since we went out last night. There has been talk of watching music videos while cuddled up in bed. I always enjoy that.

I’ll miss the kids, though. It’s funny because just last night I asked D if he thought we would ever go to a more traditional custody schedule during the week, and he told me that I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I think he’s right. I’d def miss them too much. Five days in a row is just too long to be apart.

We get to have them for 5 nights in a row starting tomorrow night, however, and I’m excited about that. We have some fun stuff planned, and also some wedding related stuff, of course. The boys and Frey need shoes, so there will be a bit of shopping. I’m hoping that if the weather (and Freya’s foot) cooperates that maybe we will do something outdoors as well. I have ideas.

I still need to do my fall decorating. It hasn’t felt appropriate because it has been so warm. Now that it is cooler and a bit dreary, I feel like the time is right. Maybe this weekend.

All I know for sure is that I have a new loaf pan that needs to be put to use. Pumpkin bread anyone?

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