a sunday seven list post

  1. I ended up having to sleep in Freya’s room last night because she was scared. Haha. I told her she leveled up too quickly.
  2. Today’s mission is to acquire wedding shoes for D, Jack, and Frey. This requires a trip to the Converse store. I already purchased white ribbon laces for Freya on Amazon. It feels good to check things off this ever shrinking list.
  3. After shopping, the four of us are venturing down to the city to spend time with friends.
  4. Last night, we made the first chicken & wild rice soup of the season, and it was just as delightful as always. D makes fun of me for putting a dash of hot sauce in mine, but he can hate away because the hot sauce makes it extra awesome.
  5. Hey, I’m from Ferguson, okay?
  6. It’s cold outside today and I fucking love it. Bring on all the chilly weather, storms, and fires. D just turned off the air conditioning, and I hope that’s finally done for the year.
  7. 6 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, and 18 seconds.
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