I got a sad text from my ex about wanting a pic of Jackson in his suit but without the rest of us in the pic. It wasn’t rude or anything. He was apologetic about it and indicated that he’s not emotionally ready to see the four of us together, especially under these circumstances, but that he really wants to see Jackson. I get it. But now I’m sort of bummed. This is the only part of our situation that I hate. He’s hurting. She probably is too. 

I made my bed a long time ago though, and now I’ve gotta lie in it. I’m happy to do so, and I wouldn’t change it, but I’m human so I do empathize with how they must be feeling as this weekend approaches. 

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  1. It does suck that they’re hurting. I’m glad he wants a pic of Jackson, though…at least he’s acknowledging that it’s happening.

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