a rando list

  • This is my last full day in the office so I’m making the most of it. I’ve gotten a good deal done so far, but I’m slowly burning out.
  • Tomorrow I have to leave early for wedding related stuff: take Jackson to pick up his suit, and then head down to the city for our rehearsal & dinner.
  • On Thursday, I’m going to court in the morning and then I’m off until Tuesday.
  • But…on Tuesday morning I have court early in KC so I’m trying to decide whether to drive in the night before and stay at a hotel.
  • I weighed in this morning and I’m down another pound. I’m not even really trying so fuck yeah.
  • People, unfortunately, think of the couch in my office as an invitation to hang out.
  • If you think I share too much here, you should see the shit I decide against posting.
  • We are going out tonight and I CANNOT WAIT.
  • I was briefly sad, but I’m over it for now.


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