Waiting on this Benadryl to kick in

  • My allergies were nightmarish all fucking day. My eyes hurt so much. 
  • Allegra D and Benadryl are my new best friends. 
  • The rehearsal! I feel good about things. Practicing really did help a lot. 
  • After party was at Square One Brewery with the kids, Ann, Dan, Paul, and Andy. 💚
  • I apparently dig Absinthe. 
  • My wedding shoes are here and…there aren’t words. 😍
  • I got my objections to confirmation on my very first WDMO CH 13 case and I’m pretty fucking impressed with myself, honestly. They aren’t bad at all. 
  • Gotta get my rest on. Tomorrow is a big night for us. We’ve got plans, bitches. 
  • xoxo
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