Okay so…

We were supposed to be going to a Halloween beer festival tomorrow afternoon, but the husband made a scheduling snafu regarding his daughter and so now we aren’t going for lack of babysitter. I mean, I could have gotten one, but meh. I’m totally okay with sitting on my ass at home with a book, a beer, and in front of a toasty fire instead. Oh and it is Halloween weekend and so you know it’s going to be a non-stop horror movie marathon up in this motherfucker.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve already gotten into the booze. I’m cooking the kids’ dinner while I wait on D to finish a phone call. Then we (mostly he) are making steak marsala for dinner.


It’s National American Beer Day and so I am celebrating with my favorite: Bell’s Two Hearted. God…even the name is cute.

Happy weekending, babes.

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