happy, happy wednesday

I’m in such a good mood today.

This morning was my firm’s first bulk confirmation docket, or as I have started calling it, the “Cool Kids” docket. I guess we’re in the big leagues now, kids.

And it’s extra awesome because now all of my lawyer friends are on the same docket. Yay. Social hour. Haha.

Jess came up with the baby and so I got to ooh and aah over her sweet face.

Today is my last day of work until November 13th!

This time tomorrow we will be on a plane to Miami.

I had a fabulous evening with the husband last night, though we were both falling asleep by 11:30 because we are old.

My Tool cds arrived, so I was listening to that on the car ride down to the city this morning. I forgot just how awesome Aenima is.

Oh and I’m a five year cancer survivor today, so that’s pretty fucking cool. And what a five years it has been!

Ah! So much to do. Better stop procrastinating.


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