Happy Saturday!

I’m forever grateful that we were smart enough to plan to come home on a Friday. Having a weekend between vacation and returning to work was fucking brilliant. I need time to recover and readjust.

Sleeping in my own bed was fantastic. It made me realize just how uncomfortable the resort bed actually was. No wonder I was awake like all the fucking time.

When we walked into the house last night, we were flooded with that delightful new construction smell that we had grown used to before leaving for 8 days. Mmm. Love that smell. It’s funny, because when Freya spends her weekends with her mom, that’s usually one of the first things she mentions when she gets home. She’s also a fan.

Various parts of my body are covered in tiny, red, itchy bumps. I’m assuming it has something to do with the excessive sun exposure. I’m applying hydrocortisone and hoping for the best. Ugh.

I bit the bullet and weighed myself this morning. The damage? About three pounds, of which I’m sure at least one pound in simply water weight. If I came off this glutton-fest of a honeymoon only 2 to 3 pounds heavier, I will fucking take it! I can lose that easily. The real problem is going to be the additional 10 to 15 that also need to go.

I think exercising is going to be so much easier now that the Otezla is very obviously working for me. I’m so thankful. I haven’t had a serious flare in several weeks, which is fucking huge for me. I was at the point pre-Otezla where I was flaring once per week and it was typically bad enough that walking was very difficult.

D and I are going for a run this afternoon. I’m going to use my knee braces for the first time (old lady alert) and I’m hoping those will also make a difference. It would be amazing to work my way back up to where I was physically a few years ago. I was a beast back in 2015. I want that back. Timehop keeps reminding me…

Okay it’s time to hang with D while we both read in front of the fire. Woot!


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