Let’s chat!

It’s around ten pm and it’s quiet in the house. The kids are in bed. D is out for a run. I just finished a 35 min walk on the treadmill. I figured I may as well do a brain dump here while I wait on D to get home. We have a couch date later to watch GoT.

Today was a good day. Getting back to the office felt good. I felt productive. I need to feel productive. Too much inactivity and I start to feel worthless. I have a couple of cases that are causing me some stress and anxiety, but otherwise things are mostly good on the work front.

I’ve exercised three days in a row. Tomorrow is a rest day, but we are talking about going to a favorite brewery so I may need to walk/run on the office treadmill. Wednesday night I plan on doing another 5k.

Speaking of Wed night, that’s going to be Jackson’s family birthday party. His actual birthday is on Thursday. He’s going to be 8-years-old. It feels like he was just a baby.

Lots of stuff going on this week. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Today I felt pretty good in my own skin. Something about my outfit today had me feeling body positive. The exercising is likely helping too. I’m always in a better mood when I am exercising regularly.

This week I’m concentrating on just cardio. Next week I plan to throw in some strength training as well.

I’m so excited about Bismarck. We’re picking him up on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It’s going to be like ten+ hours round trip. Then we will surprise the kids when they come home on Monday night. Early Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I can’t wait to put up the trees! I’m all about the holidays this year. OMG it’s going to be amazing.

I had the weirdest conversation with my ex today. He talks to me about his relationship sometimes and it’s just…surreal.

The original point of the conversation was to ask if D would be attending Jackson’s choir performance, which I thought was strange. I told him he can just assume D will be attending any and all such events since he is my husband and Jack’s step-father.

I feel like that should go without saying, but wtf do I know?

We’re planning a trip this summer to Rocky Mountain National Park. We’re taking the kids, and now we’re taking our third kid: Bismarck!! I’m crazy excited.

The husband is now home so it’s time to GoT and chill.




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