haters gonna hate

I’ve been thinking about something that has been bothering me since it happened on Saturday.

At the birthday party, I confirmed with the ex that he was still planning to take Jackson on Saturday and Sunday (after Thanksgiving) as he had requested. It is mostly important to me that he have him on Sunday, because that is the day we are going to get Bismarck.

Anyway, in typical fashion, he started hemming and hawing about it, so I was like: listen dude, I need you to have him on Sunday and here is why…

I explained that we are getting a puppy and that it is a surprise. He asked what kind and I told him a Siberian Husky. He replied, in a very condescending tone, “That doesn’t seem like you at all.”

This comment has been bugging the shit out of me and I’ve figured out why.

  1. In a way, he’s right. If left to my own devices, I’d get a tiny, poofy, white Pomeranian and I would name it Princess Fifi Coco LaRue. I’d buy her a rhinestone collar and I’d carry her around in a big pink bag. I suppose it annoys me that he (in some ways) still knows me so well.
  2. People change, and he isn’t ever willing to accept that when it comes to me. Like, I’m supposed to accept that he’s a totally different person now because of the hell he had to endure after our divorce (which is all my fault of course) and blah blah blah. That’s annoying as shit. I’ve changed, too. He wouldn’t know, I guess, since I’m not allowed to talk about myself around him basically ever.
  3. I know my relationship. I would never get a big ass, high maintenance dog with someone like my ex, because he wouldn’t do his part in caring for a dog like that. I know D will. He has wanted this for a long time and I am happy to be doing this with him. It feels really good to be in an actual adult relationship where we take care of each other and can rely upon each other.
  4. He’s hating just to hate. That pisses me off. He wants to bring me down. It reminds me of the time D’s ex came into our house for the first time and I heard her say to him, “I thought you hated houses like this?”

I’m also tired of people telling me that I’m going to be overwhelmed because huskies are so difficult. Yeah, I know. I lived with one for two fucking years. I’ve trained stubborn dogs before. I know how to research and read. I’ve got money to spend if he needs professional training. I’m not a fucking dumb ass. I’ve got this. I’m not saying it won’t be difficult, but I’m up for the challenge.

Everyone has to be a fucking hater.

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