what day is it?

Oh hi!

It’s Friday, but it feels like the second Sunday in a row, so I can already tell that this weekend is going to feel hella long.

On actual Sunday we are going to pick up our pup. I have all the excitement. The kids still don’t know. I’m hoping they will be pleased when they find out on Monday night, but honestly…even if they aren’t, it doesn’t really matter. The husband and I will be happy, and since we will be the ones taking care of him that is kind of all that matters. I think it will be fine, though. How can you not like a puppy? If you don’t like puppies then you are dead inside, honestly.

I’m babysitting in the city tomorrow night, and my ex is supposed to be getting Jackson to make up for some future lost time. I texted him to make arrangements and it sounds like he may have to come pick him up from D because I’ll be gone by the time he can make it over. I could tell the ex was freaking out, and then I later got a text saying he’d attempt to get home earlier. (He’s driving home from Ohio where he had Thanksgiving with his gf and her family.) My ex has done everything in his power to avoid D for the last 5 1/2 years. At first, I understood. Now? It feels childish and tiresome.

Our house looks like Christmas threw up on it. It’s pretty awesome. I need to pick up some red candlesticks for the dining room, a poinsettia for the entry way, some more led string lights, and really any cutesy Christmas-y thing that catches my eye.

I did not do any shopping today. I loathe Black Friday and the horrible crowds it attracts. Well…I did do some online shopping, actually.

I feel like there was other stuff I wanted to discuss, but I’m drawing a blank. I think it’s time to cuddle up on the couch with my latest read.



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  1. We are still resisting Christmas in our house. I imagine another week, and the children will begin to ask about getting the decorations out.

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