one big happy family!

I shouldn’t have been nervous.

The kids met Bismarck and it was super cute. They kept asking, “Is this real?” Freya cried. I was worried at first, but she said they were happy tears.


They love him already. Frey is Facetiming her friends to show him off. Jack keeps saying, “I love you so much!” So cute.

Bismarck is very chill. He’s super tired tonight so he isn’t being as playful as the kids would like, but they’re getting lots of cuddle time. We’ve been trying to keep him awake so he won’t cry so hard in his kennel tonight.

Still…puppies are difficult. Crate training and potty training are hard fucking work. Last night was a bit of a fail with the crate training, but we are rocking it today. We met with our super awesome vet and he schooled us on how to handle things. I won’t lie though…definitely riding the struggle bus. We are all exhausted. Dave is leaving tomorrow for several days and I have to do this on my own. Yikes!

He’s coming to work with me tomorrow. That should be interesting. My staff is ecstatic.

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