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  • Currently at the office. It’s hard getting stuff done with a puppy on my lap. At least he’s a sleepy puppy. For now.
  • Last night was difficult.
  • It was painful to say goodbye to my husband this morning. I already miss him. Saturday can’t come soon enough.
  • Freya is texting me from school asking for videos of B. I guess I need to make her some.
  • Jackson is going to be my helper this week. He’s with me until Saturday afternoon when his dad returns. He did a good job of distracting B this morning while I got some stuff done.
  • D and I removed the big rugs before we left. That will make my life easier for the time being. B likes to pee on those, and I love them so I figure just get them out of the way for now.
  • Honestly, he’s doing really well with potty training. He’s only had a few mistakes, and those are our fault for not being more careful. His bladder control is obviously almost non-existent at this point.
  • I want to talk about something other than dogs, but this dog is kind of my entire life right now. I’m hoping that by the time D gets home, things will be at least a little calmer around the house.
  • When I get home tonight, I’m treating myself to a burrito and a beer. I have earned it.  This will be the first time I leave B in the crate while alone in the house. But we will be gone for less than an hour so… It’s gotta happen sometime, right?
  • He really is my sweet little baby. I heart him.
  • We’re having visitors this week. Two of my favorite people. Carrie on Thursday. Ann on Friday.
  • Ugh gotta go file this case in WDMO. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Their filing procedures are so gd complicated.
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  1. Can’t wait! I love that this is a puppy blog for now, he’s so cute. Also, you reminded me… did I mention that I adored Ann? Not that I expected your bestie to be anything less than great. 😊

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