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With as much work as this puppy is, we may as well have just had a baby. I’m getting fatter every day anyway.

I’d say I’d start dieting (I desperately need to), but there is no real point with the holidays. We have so many parties, and why lie and say I’m going to not indulge or not drink. Fuck that noise.

I found the Daily Greatness Journal I bought way earlier in the year and never started using. It is marketed as a lifestyle journal, which really just seems to be a combination of a planner, bullet journal, and regular journal. My goal for 2018 is to go hard core with my journaling/planning/listing in an attempt to feel more organized and relaxed. The good news is that this is a blank slate (no pre-filled dates) so I can start using it right now if I want. New project!

The point is this: I’m ready to start working on my 2018 goals. Fitness. Organization. Minimalism. Indulging more in hobbies and activities vs being online. Trying some new things. Etc. I’ll do a formal post on this in December once it’s all fleshed out.

One of the (many) great things about getting a dog is that I’ve already cut way down on my time online. Training, caring for, and playing with him is such a big job that I just don’t have time for much else. I haven’t really scrolled Tumblr in days. I’ve only been on Facebook sporadically. I’m most active here (duh) and Instagram…because pup pics!

For example, last night I spent most of the early evening playing with B, then watching a movie with Jackson, and finally fell into bed at 9:30 and fell right asleep. (Though I did wake up every two to three hours to take B outside to potty).

I need to start leash training B, but ugh that’s hard. We did a bit of work on it yesterday and I didn’t make much progress. But he needs to learn so that we can start going on proper walks, and eventually runs. I’m very much looking forward to exercising with him.

This post is long and boring, I know. I’m mostly procrastinating because I don’t want to tackle this pile of work on my desk. I’m so fucking tired. Ugh.

Tonight is going to be a bit crazy. We have so much going on. I’m hoping, however, that I can work from home tomorrow. That will allow me to get so much more done. The ladies are a big help here with the dog, but it’s easier for me to care for him at home.

Oh and my neighbor, Mindy, is being super cool and helping me with stuff. Our neighbors are awesome.

Okay…better take advantage of puppy nap time.



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