Me too

When I was 15, I was sexually assaulted by a man I trusted and admired. A man who was well respected in my community. I remember he told me that nobody would ever believe me over him, because he was an important person, and I knew he was right. I still believe he was right, because that’s the sort of society we lived in, and still do to some extent. He told me that if I hadn’t wanted the attention, then I wouldn’t have worn all those sexy, short dresses, and that everyone else would agree. Sexy…it would make me laugh if it wasn’t so fucking disgusting. I was 15 years old. 15.

The sudden outpouring of stories from sexual assault survivors has given me hope. Instead of shaming these women, we are finally starting to listen. We are finally holding these men accountable for their actions, and it feels very fucking good.

Anyone who wants to give the men the benefit of the doubt over the women can fuck right off. Sexual assault is pervasive. It’s a fucking disease and we need to cut it out. Now.

My step-daughter is growing up to be a lovely young lady, and I need to help make the world a better, safer place for her. If any man ever does to her what was done to me, I will fucking end him. I swear it.

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