I’ve decided to cheat on my hair stylist. I just booked an appointment at a salon near my house for next Friday. If I like it, then I’m leaving her for good. That sounds so dramatic I know, but this really will be like a break up. I’ve been going to her for like five years, and have recommended her to several of my friends, who now go to her. I see her fairly often around the CWE because her salon is like two blocks from my office. Also, we are Facebook friends.

I know, right?

But I’m seriously so sick of how my hair is always uneven and how she smears black hair dye all over my fucking face, even after I tell her to be careful. I’m dropping way too much money to put up with that sort of shit.

I need a change. This new salon has amazing reviews and looks super nice. Plus, it’s like maybe five minutes from home.

Sorry, Carrie. You and Kristie are going to hear about this, I know.

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