the unseen side of the blog

I have 122 un-posted blogs in my drafts folder.

Most of them seem to be posts that just never got finished, like I must have been interrupted and then just forgot.

A handful, however, are super obvious as to why they never saw the light of day. A few are poems that I wrote and decided not to share. A couple of others are sort of risque things that I clearly wrote while intoxicated and thought better of posting (or maybe just passed out before I could). After all, this isn’t a porn blog. Haha.

The rest are mostly rants about the exes. I just read a couple of these rants from 2016, and they made me laugh. I don’t know why I ever let them get under my skin so much. Well I guess I do actually… it has always been difficult for me to be quiet when someone is misrepresenting things, and a lot of shit has been misrepresented over the last six years. Though I guess this is also a lesson in how there are two sides to every story. It’s kind of interesting to see how different people can interpret the same set of facts. We bring all of our experiences and emotions to the table and that obviously colors how we see things.

Still…it’s nice to see the progress that I’ve made. Not everything needs to be made public, and sometimes it’s better just to keep your mouth shut and move on.

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