five for friday

  1. Life is starting to feel normal again. We’ve all adjusted to the new living situation with Bismarck. He has settled in quite nicely. It was hard at first, but now it’s mostly awesome.
  2. $418 later and we’re almost done with the kids’ Christmas shopping.
  3. Just because I want to remember how hard we laughed: 1980’s douche villian.
  4. We have determined that we will need to trade in one of the convertibles for an SUV at some point this year. I guess we should try to get it done before our trip to Colorado. VW has a couple of good options. My car can barely hold the four of us. Dave’s car can really only hold two. And we want to be able to fit all four plus Bismarck into a vehicle comfortably. I’ll miss the mini though.
  5. Bismarck got his first porterhouse bone last night and I’ve never seen him so intent. He cleaned that thing right off. Happy pup. It was the first of many.
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