Oh what a morning!

First of all, it’s snowing again!! White Christmas, baby! Oh how long I’ve waited for this. ❤️

I went to take Bismarck out, and Freya came running down all excited about snow and Christmas, too. She took him for a little walk. She loves him so much now. It’s really precious.

Then I was like, hey let’s wrap gifts! So she grabbed her stuff and ended up dropping a snow globe we had picked out for her mom. It shattered: glass, water, and glitter went everywhere. She burst into tears, so I went into rescue Mom mode in an attempt to fix things. I cleaned (and oh my that was a task), assured her we’d run out for another present for her mom, and then managed to finish wrapping all the things.

So yeah…I’m braving Target on Christmas Eve. Thoughts and prayers, please. 😂

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