a list about stuff

  • I did some minor adulting today and I feel better for it. Took care of something that needed to be handled. Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.
  • Tomorrow’s adulting challenge will include a trip to the social security office (major ugh), and meeting with the dog trainer.
  • I kind of love this time of year. There’s something about the beginning of a new year that just gets me all revved up.
  • I’ve been getting my 2018 planner set up. I’ve also been working on 2018 goals. I’m considering *not* doing a post detailing those. For some reason, I feel like keeping a low profile.
  • This is subject to change, of course. Read that as “this will likely change.”
  • It’s stupid cold today.
  • Gotta get rid of all these cookies. I want to lose (at least) five pounds by February.  I feel like that is doable.
  • The plan is to start 30DS tonight. Gotta dig deep to find that motivation.
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