First blog post of 2018.

It’s funny to think that just 4 to 6 years ago I was all about going out and doing something “cool” on NYE. But then…the last few years, and more importantly, this year, happened. This year the husband and I stayed home, played a kick ass D&D campaign with the kids, while eating, and drinking, and laughing.

Afterward, the four of us plus Bismarck counted down to midnight and then set off leftover fireworks. B was so scared! He cried and then pooped on the steps! (File under: baby’s first fireworks). We laughed and danced around outside in the zero degree weather and it was just perfect. I will take a stay at home nye with my family over a “cool” nye any fucking day, and I don’t care how lame that makes me.

Happy fucking New Year! I hope your 2018 is everything you want it to be.


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