some wednesday musings

  • Even though I feel pretty terrible physically, I’m feeling pretty good about the work I’ve been getting done this week. I feel (mostly) on top of my game. For once.
  • It won’t last.
  • It occurred to me today that I quite enjoy being blocked by my ex on Facebook.
  • That thought brought to you by a mutual friend’s post about Jason Isbell.
  • Which then lead me to listen to my favorite Isbell song: Outfit.
  • Which I then added to a new playlist titled Favorites – just because.
  • That list also includes Fade Into You, Suffer Well, and Plump.
  • More will be added when I have time to dig into it.
  • Unrelated, but important: thanks for all the recent comments. Comments make things fun. I like getting to know the people who are reading this blog. One of my posts from several weeks ago has been getting a lot of attention suddenly for some reason.
  • *deleted*
  • *deleted*
  • I saw the most beautiful and friendly cat when I dropped Biz off this morning. Now I want a kitten.
  • Or a baby human. I’d take a baby human.
  • *insert husband’s tortured scream*
  • The husband told me that he recently told his CEO, “We got a puppy as a compromise because my wife wants a baby,” to which the CEO replied, “That was stupid. Now you’re going to have a puppy and a baby.” I laughed. He has a point.
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