what i’m watching

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while.

We are, as always, watching Game of Thrones and It’s Always Sunny. Those are just ongoing for us. Sometimes we just put them on as background noise while we chat or have living room sex or whatever. I’m pretty bummed that new episodes of GoT won’t be airing until 2019. Fuckery. Give me my ending!

I’ve reluctantly gotten into Rick & Morty. I tried to resist, but that shit is weird, fucked up, and kind of funny, so…what can you do?

Over holiday break, I picked up Grey’s Anatomy again, starting with Season 1. Every damn episode makes me cry. Oh and the music! So many feels. I remember why I loved it so much. It kind of feels like coming home. Cheesy, I know.

Speaking of oldies but goodies, we started Arrested Development as well. I was worried the humor wouldn’t hold up, but it def does.

We essentially inhaled the newest season of Black Mirror. It was so, so good. Science fiction at its best. And so very dark, which I just love. There were a couple of episodes where I actually felt depressed after finishing them, but in a good way…if that makes sense.

That probably doesn’t make sense to most people. Ha.

My current favorite, however, is Vikings. They mix just enough history with just the right amount of mythology and action. Plus, the cast is crazy fucking hot. D and I are always talking about who we want to bang from the show. We’ve taken to referring to the show as Hot Vikings. I’m super excited to see where things go. This is one of the few shows I watch right now where I wouldn’t even dream of looking at my phone while it’s on. I’m fully immersed for the entire episode.

Last night, Freya convinced me to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with her. That shit is legit weird. It’s like a comedy musical sitcom type thing about some lawyer chick who is kinda nutty and sings a lot. (When D heard about it, he was like oh so they made a tv show about you? haha) I would never watch it on my own, but I love that she wants to share it with me, so it’s all good. I imagine we will be binge watching it this weekend.