Another episode of “My Body Hates Me”

Turns out Urgent Care was wrong about my diagnosis, which is why the antibiotics didn’t work, and also why I feel much worse now than a week ago. I’m convinced I have a kidney infection. This is exactly how I felt last time I had one, and I had similar issues getting the right meds. Unfortunately, my former pcp retired, so I guess I’m going to the emergency room tonight once the kids are at home and fed.

I look a wreck today. I managed a shower, but didn’t do my hair or makeup. I don’t care. I feel miserable.

I stayed home today and plan to do the same tomorrow. I can’t keep pushing myself and not taking time to allow my body to heal. It’s hard though because god knows the work doesn’t stop. It’s just piling up and up and up as we speak.

Fuck. I really don’t have time for this shit.

And, on top of it all, I feel bad for causing Dave to worry. He has enough stress as it is without always worrying that I’m about to die on him.

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