sunday stuff (and things)

Today has been an eventful day.

  • I watched The Blair Witch Project with the kids. Parenting at its finest.  Gotta toughen up these little chickens.
  • Bismarck managed to escape our backyard. He squeezed through the fence (yes, this happened) and went into the neighbor’s yard to play with their dog. I went over to the neighbors’ house, and Mindy answered the door like omg they’re so cute please let him stay. So Biz and Maddie had a play date. I had read that Huskies are escape artists, and I guess I now know firsthand that this is accurate.
  • We finished Season 4 of Vikings (holy shit!) so now we need to find a way to catch up to Season 5, which is currently airing.
  • It snowed today! But just a little.
  • We had another RiekAlt family bowling day (I referred to it as super bowling…hahaha. Shut up). We found a new place to go that is way, way nicer than the old place. We will definitely be back. Probably in two weeks. We had a blast. I love our little family outings.
  • I booked our trip to Estes Park! We’re going the last week of July. The plan is to hike Rocky Mountain National Park. The entire family is going, including Bismarck. We need to start our hiking training! The best part is that we are staying at the Stanley Hotel! You know…the hotel from The Shining! I’m so fucking pumped. I will, of course, be taking part in the ghost tour.
  • Next up: booking hotels for our Chicago and Seattle trips. This is going to be an epic summer.
  • And now it’s 9:26 pm and my bed and a book are calling out to me. I have a pretty serious day drinking hangover.
  • Currently reading: A Year of Yes, Fire and Fury, and a friend’s unpublished novel.
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