mind vomit

I’m in that frustrating situation right now where I have so much to do, and every minute counts, but I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start. Because of this, you get a blog post!

The husband and I are planning a trip to Cancun in the fall. This is our motivation to get into better shape. A lifestyle change is in order. Less going out. Less drinking. More exercising. It really shouldn’t be too difficult. Neither of us have much weight to lose. Plus, we tend to have more fun on our nights in anyway. We enjoy cooking together. We get to listen to the music we like while we do it. We have low cal booze (tequila shots ftw!) and dance around the kitchen.  It’s the best.

This weekend is going to be a mix of helping to entertain our out of town guests, working, and exercising.

I’m speaking at the annual bankruptcy CLE on Friday afternoon. I still need to prepare notes. I’ll be doing that tonight. I also have a conference call scheduled for 8 pm tonight. Ugh. Shit is fucking cray right now.

Bismarck is at the office with me. It’s nice to have him around for a cuddle. I now have a crate for him here, which makes it likely he’ll be coming here more in the future. I really need that SUV though, which reminds me: must set up the junk removal. We need more space in the garage.

I think my 10:30 appointment canceled (*fingers crossed*) so I’m going to take advantage of that by getting some shit done.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. If you bring him in on a Thursday, I’ll totally come over and steal some fluffy dog cuddles! 🙂

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