It snuck up on me

I’m becoming a John Mayer fan. Have you listened to his lyrics? They’re really good. It all started a few weeks ago when No Such Thing came on the radio and I didn’t change the station because nothing better was on. I really listened closely for some reason, and I liked what I heard.

I’d like to think the best of me

Is still hiding

Up my sleeve

Then I revisited some of his other stuff, like Daughters and Gravity. All really solid.

I’ve secretly liked Your Body Is A Wonderland for several years now because the lyrics remind me of the beginning of my relationship with D.

We got the afternoon

You got this room for two

One thing I’ve left to do

Discover me

Discovering you

We had many afternoons like that. ❤️

If any hard-core fans want to point me in the direction of his best stuff, please do!

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