fuckery abounds

Like…I don’t even know where to start.

So I shall instead write about good things, because nobody really cares about asshole judges, high maintenance clients, and pesky health issues anyway.

  1. I was in a new to me court this morning, and I had no idea what their procedures were. Seriously…going to new courts is always so bad for my anxiety, because every court does things differently.  Per usual, the clerks were super unhelpful. Some may even say they acted like cunts. Yes, indeed. BUT…the local attorneys were so nice and helpful. They showed me the ropes, and I am forever grateful that they showed me such professional courtesy. Nice people still exist.
  2. My awesome husband is picking up the kids tonight, which is awesome mostly just because my patience is very thin currently, and I cannot handle any snotty and/or spazzy interactions with exes today. NOPE. Also, I just need a break from doing all the kid pick-ups. To be fair, he hasn’t been helping out because he is teaching a night class. I don’t want anyone to think he’s a slacker. He’s an amazingly helpful and all around awesome husband.
  3. It’s taco night.
  4. The garage is so super clean/empty now. This means we can start planning our SUV purchase.
  5. I’m going to get hugs from all my loves tonight. And I really need them.

That’s seriously all I’ve got right now. It has been a Monday.

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