some observations

  1. I saw somebody’s car getting a boot put on it today, so things could always be worse, I suppose. You’ve gotta pay those parking tickets, friend.
  2. Something I both love and hate about Saint Louis is how I’m always running into people I know. Today I ran into a dude I haven’t seen in forever who ended up being parked right next to me in the parking garage. I was on a weird floor too. Not one of the more easily accessible floors. Weird.
  3. My body is sore from yesterday’s run, but it feels strangely good. I feel alive.
  4. It’s fucking pouring outside and I like it. It matches my dark and twisty mood.
  5. I filed that fucking Motion in Limine, so now I can start feeling nervous about how badly I fucked it up. Because my entire life nowadays consists of me running around like a crazy person trying to do all the things as quickly as possible and also second guessing every single decision I make.
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