It’s sort of like I’ve already started my weekend.

We were kid free tonight and will be until Monday night. We enjoyed a fun evening at home; full of lively conversation. We were both surprised when we realized it was nearly midnight. That was five hours of conversation that felt like only five minutes. Marrying your best friend is awesome. A++ would do again. Highly recommended.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting my hair done, and it’s much needed. Then I’m spending the afternoon working from home: drafting pleadings and finishing the super complicated business bk case that I regret taking on. I need a break from the constant interruptions at the office so that I can actually get some shit done.

Tomorrow night is up in the air. We’ve thrown around some ideas, but this is one of those rare and delightful weekends where we have zero plans. We can do whatever our hearts desire in the moment. Those are usually the best weekends. 💙

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