five for friday

  1. I’m a bit annoyed with my oncologist right now. I called to see if I should continue taking tamoxifen, stop altogether, or start a new (post-menopause) drug. The response was essentially: you can do whatever you want. Just let us know. Um….not fucking helpful, my dude. So now I’m stressed about that non-answer.
  2. I feel so gross and bloated and just ugh. But…I haven’t had any hot flashes or night sweats, which I was having while on tamoxifen. So maybe this menopause thing won’t be so bad after all.
  3. My attention span is sort of shit. I tried watching The Conjuring and I just couldn’t get into it. Reading is going pretty well, however. Well until I randomly pass out, which has been happening a lot.
  4. Jackson will be home this evening. I’m excited to see him. I wish Freya would be home too, like she should be, but…Girl Scouts camp (or some such shit) is happening. I wish this stuff didn’t always seem to fall on our weekends. But oh well…I’m happy if she’s happy.
  5. The weather is really nice finally. We have had the windows open since we got home yesterday. In a way, it has almost made recovery harder because I so desperately want to be outside doing something active. I wish I had been able to have this surgery last month.
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