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My overlords didn’t want me to go back to work today, and I decided to heed their advice. So I’ve been working from home this morning, and it feels quite nice to be productive again. I even crossed off several items on my personal to-do list.

I drove my kid to school this morning and I felt the most normal I have in some time. I’m picking both kiddos up on my own this evening for the first time since everything went down. And making dinner. So yeah…I’d say I’m feeling better.

I just enjoyed a simple yet delicious lunch: naan dippers with supremely spicy hummus and drunken goat cheese. Mmm.

Tomorrow is May 1st, and we will be entering our busy social season. Just in May we have the following scheduled:

  • D’s band is playing out again.
  • Beer festival.
  • Hosting an adult D&D night.
  • Phantom of the Opera!
  • Memorial Day weekend stuff.

June has lots of fun stuff too! Book of Mormon. DMB Chicago weekend. And the husband and step-daughter have birthdays in June so we’re planning fun activities for those as well.

In July…my birthday! Also, our family vacation to Colorado. Another concert.

August and September are starting to fill up, too. Our Labor Day weekend is already devoted to seeing DMB at The Gorge. That’s a bucket list item! And I’m pretty sure I’ll be going out of town for the bestie’s bachelorette weekend.

(That’s all in addition to kid activities and work stuff, like we have to move the law firm (yikes!) and I have my big trial in August.)

There’s so much to look forward to this summer. I was telling D last night that I haven’t been this excited about summer in a while.

And our new deck furniture is delightful! I’ll post a pic tonight once the table is assembled. D and I sat outside for a bit last night, just the two of us, and it was lovely. We are going to have so many amazing evenings out there.

Happy, happy.


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