A list of things

  • My wrists and hands really hurt. Fucking arthritis. It really does get worse when it rains.
  • I’m exhausted. Not entirely sure why other than I’m an old bitch.
  • The dog is being a serious pain in my ass tonight, and I have the injuries to prove it.
  • I had a nice night with the kids. We went out for dinner and then watched a movie. I put them to bed a little while ago.
  • I had a not fun conversation via text with my business partner this afternoon. Shit is not great at the moment. We’re not like fighting or anything. We just have some difficult decisions to make.
  • My ex called back. I answered. There went 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.
  • I feel bad for complaining though because he said something really nice to me, and I know I’m lucky to have a good relationship with him.
  • But… *sigh*
  • I miss D.
  • I’m going to walk the dog really quick and then finish this book. It’s really good.
  • I took my first dose of Remifemin. 🤞🏻
  • Tomorrow is a crazy early day for us. Send all the caffeine. And also an extra serving of patience for this week because mine is already depleted.

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