I’ve been stressing and obsessing all week over the fact that I was going to have to lay two staff members off on Friday.  However, after many meetings and much planning, we have a plan in place to avoid it…for the short term at least. The economy is good, which means bk filings are down, and money at the firm is tight. We’ve got to tighten the purse strings, and the employees need to step up their client conversion game. There will be a staff meeting in the morning.

Still…I am beyond relieved. I had a long meeting with my business partner and the office manager this afternoon. Afterwards, we all hugged because we feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

In related news…I suppose I should cut expenses from my personal budget. It’s okay, though. It’s long overdue. I’m quite spendy. Maybe this would be a good time to do a 30 day minimalism challenge? Saving is good, Jenn. You should save more.

This entire situation has reminded me just how lucky I am to have a spouse who can actually back me up if things go badly for me financially. We aren’t there yet, and I doubt we actually will be, but life is much less stressful when you know your partner can catch you if you fall. I’m still getting used to it. Such was not the case in my previous relationship.

PS: my husband is in an Uber on his way to the San Diego airport. He’s coming home to me and I have all the happy feelings! Better yet, it’s a non-custody weekend so it will be just the two of us for four glorious nights!


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