let’s chat…

while i wait on my last appointment of the day to show up.

  • I feel pretty gross. Allergies. I read up on how the pollen count is incredibly high this year, and it will probably only continue to get worse each year due to global warming. Awesome.
  • For a while, I was worried I was allergic to our dog.
  • I started a new Twitter account this afternoon because I was looking for a way to procrastinate. I don’t even know why I bothered, because I’m already bored with it. I just don’t get Twitter.
  • I hardly even check Tumblr anymore. Just like once every couple of days to see if my husband or Carrie have blogged. D is actually pretty good at letting me know. I used to get alerts, but those stopped working. Tumblr sucks. I want everyone to move to WordPress. CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ME.
  • This weekend is my husband’s 45th birthday. We are having a party on Saturday night. I’m looking forward to it. I guess I need to clean my house though. Boo.
  • I was supposed to have a hair appointment tomorrow, but I had to reschedule it due to a court conflict. So now I’m not going for like two weeks. My hair already looks awful, so that’s fun. I know…first world problems.
  • My hair is getting longer though, and I like it.
  • I have more to say, but my 5 pm is here so I gotta go.
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