weekend recap + misc babble

This weekend was pretty much perfect.


A lovely evening; just us two. Games, music, steak, good wine, a long walk, and super hot living room sex.


We pulled off another epic party.


A lovely, lazy day, full of food, naps, TV, and planning.


  • I’m off tomorrow. Yay! But…I have an important meeting tomorrow afternoon instead. I’m a bit nervous about it.
  • I think I may have found the new location for my law firm. *fingers crossed*
  • I can’t wait to pick Jackson up tomorrow morning. I really miss him.
  • I received so many compliments this weekend regarding Bismarck being so well behaved.
  • Started reading Social Creature this afternoon and OMFG it’s good.
  • Freya cracked us up this morning with her commentary regarding our party style. Apparently, we party much differently from her mom.
  • Tomorrow night we are having our family birthday party for D. This will require a trip to Party City for balloons and streamers, of course.
  • It’s birthday season around here! Next weekend is Freya’s birthday, and then mine is almost exactly a month later.
  • Frey took this pic of Violet this morning and it’s still cracking me up:

I’ll just leave that right there. Ha.

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