I had a weird night.

I got to FaceTime with the husband for a while before going to sleep around midnight. That wasn’t weird, though. That was awesome.

Around 2:30 am, B woke me up with a loud howl. I took him outside (while barefoot – because it was super dark and I was too out of it to find my flip flops) in the middle of a thunderstorm. We walked around for about five minutes getting drenched and he didn’t even go potty. Grr. So I brought him in and he took a long drink instead. Boo, Biz. Boo.

I fell back to sleep with little issue, but then woke up again around 4:30 am feeling sort of awful. My head is pounding and my ears feel clogged. I’m guessing I’m ramping up to (yet another) sinus infection. I am not pleased. I just took my allergy meds and some extra Sudafed.

The plan for the day is to drop the kids off for their day camps and then come home for a nice, long day alone. I’ll probably sleep for a while. I’ll definitely work for a while. Mostly, however, I plan to read, watch tv, and just fucking relax. Maybe I can forget about all the bullshit for a while and try to find my zen again? That would be nice.

I don’t have the kids tonight, and I purposefully avoided making plans so that I could spend this evening gloriously alone. I plan to make the most of it.

Of course, there may end up having to be a trip to Urgent Care added to the mix. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

It’s dark and stormy today. It feels appropriate. I feel all dark and twisty inside.

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