The 4th so far…

  • In bed with the husband until almost 11 am.
  • Much reading. I finished a book and started another.
  • American history documentary because have you met my husband?
  • Dranks
  • Yahtzee. I won 2 outta 3 rounds.
  • We went to the gym. Had to burn calories for maximum booze consumption.
  • The Sandlot was playing in the Cardio theater. We arrived in time to see the very end and the first 25 minutes after it restarted. I used to watch it obsessively with my sisters.
  • Herbal refreshment.
  • Black Celebration on vinyl.
  • Going to make steaks and stuff on the grill, because happy birthday, America.
  • And fireworks later.
  • Boom. Literally.
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